March 25, 2022

Shinedown (Originally published 4/14/19)

Music Review

Be Dangerous

I got a chance to shoot another concert at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Like A Storm, Shinedown, and Godsmack all put on a great show. My favorite photos came from Shinedown. I hadn’t followed the band much, but I naturally browsed through some of their songs on iTunes.

When I listened to “Dangerous” it reminded me of some of the video lectures I’ve watched of Jordan Peterson discussing how “being dangerous” is an asset. He actually treats people in his psychotherapy practice for being “too agreeable”. Peterson describes that being a pacifist and always non-violent does not necessarily make someone good. In fact, it can mean the opposite.

Jordan Peterson’s lectures on this topic have some similarities to a portion of the book, “On Combat” by Dave Grossman where Grossman describes the concept of the “sheepdog”. The Wolf, being a predator, against the sheep is only stopped by an equal-and-opposite force, the sheepdog. The song “Dangerous” rung a bell with me on these terms and I found myself thinking how “good” it feels to be dangerous.