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Lightroom Presets by Shotwell Photos

Vogue Toad


Order the Vogue Toad Lightroom Preset to speed up your Lightroom Editing process when editing indoor photos with low-light and cool temp.
Navigate to my Presets Gallery page for download instructions.

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How do I download a preset?

Click the "Download Preset" button below which will take you to my store. Click the "cart" icon to add the preset to your cart. Check out is easy and once I get a notification, you will be sent your Lightroom Preset file.

How do I install a Lightroom Preset?

1) Download your Lightroom Preset by Shotwell Photosfrom Pretty Presets. The presets will come in a .xmp file.
2) Open Lightroom CC and click on any image.
3) Go to File>Import Profiles and Presets.
4) Navigate to the preset file you downloaded.
5) You're good to go!